Monday, August 18, 2008

Final Visitation Rituals

C left today, but before she did, we made an excursion to the mall. We were planning on going to Alki beach, but it was cold and rainy, so we adjusted. We just kind of scoped out the new look at the Southcenter mall (very nice...and HUGE) and C discovered that she really likes Delia's. I would too if I was a size 2 like she is. Jealous much. =) Lunch was at a great little burger place I discovered called Shake N Go in Tukwila. They have the most amazing fries. They aren't really strongly seasoned or anything, but something about the way they make them produces the most amazing fries. I then introduced her to the joys of crafting at JoAnns, and then we just made the train...Thanks for visiting!

C brought up a t-shirt and I made her a bag..I had an ulterior motive, I needed a model to use on my etsy site.

The requisite picture of C eating lunch....these are the best burgers!

Baa....Serta's counting sheep and C

C found some cute tanks at Delia's, and they were on sale!

So...counting all 3 visits I have had this summer, I have visited the following places:

Pike Place Market (repeatedly)
Lakeshore Learning Center
Lake Kathleen
Jimi Hendrix Memorial
Argosy Harbor Cruise
Seattle Aquarium
Underground Tour
Fremont District
Fremont Troll
Gasworks Park Fireworks
Lake Union
Alki Beach
West Seattle
Washington Park Arboreteum
Pioneer Square District
Tacoma Glass Museum
Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
Point Defiance Park
Lake Couer d'Alene
Pacific Science Center
International Fountain
International District/Chinatown
Enormous Goodwill

not to mention eaten at some GREAT restaurants and ridden the bus and the train! I feel so much more like a true Seattlite (?) now! True, I am a little fuzzy on the details of riding the you can see in this post, but I did it! It was a great summer, especially compared to last summer, which consisted of (in this order):

quitting my job
cutting off the tip of my finger
having 2 surgeries
looking for a job
sending out more than 50 applications
phone interviews
flying back and forth between Texas and Oregon
being rejected by many, many schools
packing my entire house
moving 2000 miles away from my friends

Now....time to focus on school! 1 week until I have to go back.

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