Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Motivation, Schmotivation

Sometimes it is hard to get motivated for school and you don't really know why. I love the school I work at, I like the kids, we have a great new principal, some awesome new counselors, an absolutely great coteacher, and amazing coworkers. But I am still unmotivated. I have gone to school, I have looked at books, I have unpacked and organized my classroom, but yet I am still unmotivated. Parts of me are motivated, but not the planning part. Anyone want to plan my year for me?


s said...

i'll plan for you. field trips to the zoo every day.

Just say Julie said...

Nues! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Colleen sent me to your's too. I'm right there with you on the unmotivated thing...but I still need to unpack too! This was my first foray into "fringe" so now I know where to go.