Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yesterday was hot, hot hot! C and I finally got to bed after watching Michael Phelps win his 8th gold medal of the 2008 Olympics, and then at 4 am, the thunder started. It was a thunderstorm that was actually pretty comparable to a Texas thunderstorm, with very loud cracks of thunder, almost constant lightning, pouring rain, and a 30 degree temperature drop within a couple of minutes. C and I woke up, of course, and while we enjoyed the cooling temperatures, with a huge and very close lightning strike.....the electricity went out. I dug out the flashlight (which surprisingly had batteries and worked) and found some candles, and we waited out the storm. It finally started to die down around 4:30 or so and we tried to go back to bed, but since the electricity was out, the fans had turned off and there was no air moving in the apartment, especially my room, so it was kind of rough. In addition, the lightning had shorted out the fire alarm in the apartment under mine and I could hear it beeping. We finally got to sleep, but the electricity was still off when we got up, so we got ready by candlelight this morning and my hair was doing some real funky things all day. =)

After church we ate lunch, then drove downtown and spent 30 minutes looking for a parking space (ARGH) before finally making it down to Pike Place. It was crowded, but we did see fish throwing and some great flowers. It was also warm and kept getting warmer, so we decided to come home after a couple of hours and chill.
C with her giant burrito at Chipotle's.

Pike Place has so many colors....sometimes it's easy to overload, especially when it is completely crowded with people.

C only got lost once today...that's what she gets for texting and walking at the same time. =)

I introduced C to Tully's, a better version of Starbucks. She approved.

Alleys are fun.

And for your listening enjoyment, some original Starbucks entertainment...complete with wandering and ill-dressed tourists blundering through.

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