Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sleeping and Shopping

I told C last night she could sleep in if she wanted to....I finally woke her up at noon because I was afraid she was dead. =) We didn't make it to the farmer's market, but after we got dressed and ready to go, we went up to Renton and ate lunch at an Indian restaurant, then went to the biggest Goodwill store I have ever been to, then went to Ikea. We were both pretty beat from yesterday's excursion, so we decided just to crash at home this evening.
C wasn't sure how she felt about lamb was pretty spicy, but I liked it!
This is part of one wall of glass at the largest Goodwill I've ever seen. It was also the hottest Goodwill I've ever been in...we left when we realized we were leaving sweat trails behind us like snails.
We drove through the International District/Chinatown on the way back from Goodwill, and they have cool dragons on the light poles. C took these pics out the window...

...and was weirdly fascinated by Safeco field, where the Mariners play. I guess she hasn't heard that they are having a terrible season!

We stopped at Ikea on the way back because C had never been there. We were tired after hiking through that store and stopped to get drinks. For some reason, C got hot coffee. I did not, but I did notice that Ikea has weird ice.

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