Sunday, September 7, 2008

Updates at the end of a weekend....

1. I still have fruit flies in my house, but there are a few in the vacuum cleaner, more smashed on the mirror, and trapped in the cider vinegar traps, so I am somewhat minorly happier...see here for more details, I promise there are no pictures of the carnage, just the process.

2. I worked on a quilt I have had cut out for almost a year...I will post pictures maybe tomorrow... ps, that is not the reason for result #4...see below.

3. I bought myself a planner, since I have double-booked myself three times this week. Oops.

4. I still have a sore was recommended that I use heat and ice alternating. Since it is stiff, I am overcompensating and the stiffness is moving down into my shoulder and lower on my back...super fun.

5. I have not so much as glanced at the gradebook I brought home...that will teach me to bring school stuff home with me.

6. I have watched at least part of the following football games...WSU vs Cal, UW vs BYU, Indianapolis vs Chicago, Dallas vs Cleveland, and Seattle vs Buffalo. Yea for football season!!


Just say Julie said...

I didn't grade papers this weekend either. Mostly because I laid in bed coughing from whatever my kiddoes have given me :)

Colleen said...

I too did not grade anything! Woohoo procrastinating! No good excuse for me, though. Talk to you later this week. P.S. - the date went really well.