Saturday, September 6, 2008


Reasons why I like Fall:
1. football
2. leaves change colors
3. football
4. weather gets cooler
5. lots and lots of football

Reasons why I get frustrated:
1. money
2. businesses that raise their rates for no reason
3. money
4. I make things that don't sell
5. money

Reasons why my neck hurts today?
1. I slept wrong?
2. my bag is not sized well?
3. I walked to the bus stop yesterday while carrying my bag?
4. my body hates me?
5. I have a disease?


stacie said...

disease. definitely disease. goes right along with football.

Colleen said...

I get it! You have football and I don't. I am the one in Texas, damn it!! I don't think you have a disease...well, you do work in a petri dish.

Columbia Lily said...

at least I didn't spend Saturday watching field hockey or taping my soaker hose back together. =)

stacie said...

i feel no shame in being productive and making the world a better place (by reducing my water-wasting). football does neither... :p