Monday, September 8, 2008

Old AND Single...

Highlights from today include -

a kid in my first period thought I was 40
a kid in my 4th period thought I was 22
I like 4th period better than 1st period

My emergency contact information was rejected because I had only put my parents down. When I pointed out that I had no one else in the area that I was related to or really close friends with, I got an unsympathetic "um...find someone." REALLY? Thanks for the suggestion - I'll get right on that.

my new principal came in to observe me randomly... positives, I was assidiously helping a student at the time, negatives, there were 4 kids talking and not working (I had told them to get to work twice already)

Last night, I was making the bed and Emma came in all excited because she LOVES it when I make the bed. She's pretty sure that's her favorite time of the week. So she laid all over every layer, spreading her fur all over the place, and then refused to get up when I was putting the blanket on. Believe me, she just LOOKS cute and innocent...she's pretty feisty.

I also tried to get pictures of this spider web for like 10 minutes today. I could not get the angle right to get the spider, the web, and the shadow without getting my hand or shadow in the picture. Argh! But it still looks kind of cool, especially after I played with it a little bit in photoshop express. I am obsessed with getting a good picture of a spiderweb. It is much harder than I would have expected.

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s said...

you could use lera. i doubt she'd mind.