Monday, September 1, 2008

Birds and Bees

Today my aunt (who is visiting from Pennsylvania) and my grandpa came up to visit me and take my dad back to Oregon with them. We went to lunch and then down to Pt. Defiance State Park in Tacoma. They have some absolutely beautiful gardens and the clouds cleared off in time for it to be a gorgeous, sunny afternoon. And this is my last hurrah before school starts tomorrow! It doesn't really seem like school is about to start...sigh...

This is my grandpa...isn't he cute?? My aunt calls him "peanut." =)

There is a little man-made lake in the park and there are a TON of ducks. They like to be fed, but otherwise don't really like people to get very close. I was kind of surprised that this one let me get this close.

ha ha!!


and lots of dahlias!!

After we walked around the gardens, we drove around the loop. This is looking over south of Gig Harbor. The Tacoma Narrows bridge would be off to the left and Gig Harbor would be to the right.

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