Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Boat Rides!!

One of the things that had caught my attention at one time or another while I was researching things to do in Seattle was the Center for Wooden Boats. So dad and I finally went down there today, and it is totally worth it, especially on a Sunday! First of all, it's free! Secondly, it has some really neat wooden boats (obviously) that are incredibly well finished, and absolutely beautiful. Thirdly, on Sunday afternoons, if you get there early enough (at least an hour early) volunteers will take you out on a sailboat for a ride around Lake Union. For free!!! We did not get there early enough, but instead, we ended up being able to ride around Lake Union and the canal towards Lake Washington on a big diesel boat. It had been used as a fishing boat in Alaska for like 45 years and now the captain is retired and just does this for fun. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a great time. Afterwards, we drove around Lake Union and ended up in Magnolia by accident. Then down through downtown and to a great toy store called Magic Mouse Toys, which is hands-down my favorite toy store of all time. Then back home through Columbia City.... and a good time was had by all.

This is the workshop at the CWB where they make the boats. No one working today, although the website states that some guy works there on a log canoe most days.

This boat was built in the 1890s (I think) and is late stages of decreptitude. Still kind of neat looking though.

This is a canoe that was made by the students at the CWB. It can be yours for $2300.

I just think these flags looked pretty flying on the mast of this sailboat. I took 16 pictures to get this one where most of the flags are showing.

I found some boyfriends for all my friends. Loving the socks.

The boat we rode on was really nice...and bigger than my apartment. There were 10 beds on board, a kitchen, bathroom, shower, relaxation area...and a piano.

We saw some neat houseboats on Lake Union. I would like to live in one someday. No yard to take care of. Perfect. Recognize this? It is the house in Sleepless in Seattle. It also can be yours for a cool $2.5 mil.


Colleen said...

Socks? How about those guys super sexy molester mustaches?! I call the one second from the right. HOTT!!

Just say Julie said...

I saw that house... One of the first places we took our guests! Such fun stuff to do there!