Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fire and Water

Yesterday my dad called and wanted to know if he could come spoil me for the weekend. I said, um yes, so he came up on the train today and we hung out for the afternoon at Flaming Geyser State Park, which is sort of south and east of Kent/Auburn area. It was pretty nice.

The infamous flaming geyser. I personally feel that the word "geyser" was somewhat inaccurate. A more accurate name for this park would be "Flaming Small Puff of Methane State Park," but that probably wouldn't get as many visitors and wouldn't fit very well on a wooden Forest Services sign.

Ha ha, I live in Washington, suckas!! It's pretty here!! Mwa ha ha!!

This creek was called Christy Creek. No, I did not discover it. But it rocked anyway.

Christy Creek flows into the Green River. It's green, yet clear. Very cool and pretty. I did not go wading, but some other people were floating around in there.

Some people can't appreciate nature. Like you should EVER have a silver tree, but to paint one that is still growing seems a little ridiculous.

Some people can't follow directions. Seriously. Come on now.

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