Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Super Seattle

Today, K and I rode the bus (first time!) down to downtown Seattle and "did" downtown. We went on a harbor cruise, checked out Pike Place Market, and walked around downtown for like 4.5 hours. It was pretty fun! Here are some pics from today.... PS, I'm sunburned. =(

Me sitting on the Harbour Steps

K drinking Tully's Coffee (better than Starbucks)

view from the back of the cruise ship back at the Seattle skyline

A coast guard ship made by the Nazi government in 1936 and given to the US in's in town for the Tall Ships in Tacoma...

birds sitting on the pier at Ivar's...they were very loud and aggressive.

K took these pictures at Pike Place. We think the purple ones are hollyhocks and I know the yellow ones are called pineapple thistles

Me not quite touching one of the fish at the market...ew. It is NOT a rainbow trout, despite the sign. If I remember correctly, it was a halibut


Colleen said...

Looks like a tone of fun! I thought I would leave a comment...just for the halibut. TEHEHE! I am soooo punny.

me said...

jealous. my trip better be equally fun or even more fun.