Tuesday, July 1, 2008

South Seattle

Today K and I explored south Seattle and some of the east side. We went to a teacher store (very fun for us...did you know that they make "people tinted crayons" in all the colors of people's skin? They come in packs of 24 and are super cool) in Bellevue, and then went down through Renton. We went out to Lake Kathleen and then went to see the Jimi Hendrix memorial, also very cool. By the way, it is weird to me that the greatest guitar player in the history of time (that's fact, not opinion, people...) is buried in the same small town that I teach in. It is a really pretty cemetery, and the memorial is kind of cool. K was more entertained by the fact that I kind of broke the spitting fish fountain near the Jimi memorial....after which incident we walked quickly away. =)
You can see the memorial in the background of this picture.
We ate at a Pakistani restaurant called Naan N Curry for lunch...it was goooooood. We both had Chicken Tikka Masala. mmmmmm......
We also stopped by my school (I'm not showing you the picture of that, neener, neener) and I met the new principal. He's pretty good-looking. =)
This afternoon it was pretty nice, so we hung out by the pool for a while and just chilled. More exciting news tomorrow.....

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