Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pioneer Squared

Today K and I braved the bus (now that we're old hands at it) and went to downtown Seattle again...but this time we went to the oldest part of Seatte, called Pioneer Square. We did the Underground Tour (decent), wandered around for a while, then went to the aquarium (hmmm...neither of us were impressed, we both liked the Dallas Aquarium better), ate a late lunch, and came back on the commuter train (much better than the bus). It was a good day. In addition, I got my camera last night, so I played with it all day. The pictures below are mine, not K's this time!

posters at the Underground Tour spot...the camera was held straight

I just liked this picture a lot...and it tells you something of the reputation (both past AND present) of that area of downtown...

Did you know that toilets were invented by a man named Thomas Crapper? Nope, not kidding...and here is the proof! Toilets were originally called "Crapper's Valveless Waste Prevention Units," which was quickly and obviously shortened to crapper. =)

Taking pictures in an aquarium is really hard, I am pretty proud of this one!

K riding an orca at the can get very up close and personal with the wildlife.


Colleen said...

The big question? Did K steal a penguin that you later found in your bath like that kid at the Dallas Aquarium?

Christy said... =)