Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So this week the kids were assigned their final project, and some of them had pretty good ideas. Their assignment is to choose any topic in World History (ANYTHING), tell us about it, connect their topic to one of the 5 themes we really pushed this year, and then connect the topic to a current event. No papers to grade, nothing, I grade it as they present it. So far everything is going smoothly, the kids know exactly what to do by this point in the year - I didn't even have to tell them they couldn't print stuff, they are taking notes on their own and they are coming up with some GREAT topics. Here are some examples they came up with on their own:

nationalism in Latin America
weapons of World War I
women poets of the Renaissance
Nelson Mandela
Slobadan Milosevic
children in the Holocaust
women rulers of Africa

Aren't these kids great? I hope they actually follow through with these topics! On the other hand, one of my classes had 8 people who chose either the Holocaust or the Aztecs. *sigh*


Colleen said...

I am impressed!! I totally need to pick your brain for assignments for next year. Maybe in a few weeks after my AP conference.

Christy said...

I looked through a world history book today that totally made me want to throw out everything I did this year. If you get a chance, check it out. It is called "The World, A History" by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto and it is AMAZING.