Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finally the dancing

Ok, first of all, Blogger has arbitrarily changed my header, now it sucks, and I apologize. It offends my sense of aesthetics. Punks!!! Change it back!!!!

Secondly, on a school related note, the freshman Last Chance Dance was last night and it was actually pretty successful. They worked hard on it, but here is a list of positives and negatives.

First, the negativees:
1. if I hear the phrase, "well, but that's what the (sophomores/juniors/upperclassmen/others etc) did" again, I might have to scream.
2. My president (who uses the above phrase almost exclusively) stopped by the morning of the dance to ask if she could (since all the other classes did this) make copies of the tickets in order to sell more. I looked her in the eye and said "no, we are not making more copies." They sold out of tickets during lunch, but then I looked down after school and discovered they were selling more tickets. I ran down there, and got in her face about it and found out that she went above my head, to the vice-principal, and asked him the same question, and he made her 20 more copies. I totally blew up at her. We had bought glowsticks to give away at the door, and I pointed out to her that now we would not have enough glowsticks to cover everyone. I was so mad at her that I had to hang out in my room for an hour and a half before I cooled down enough to go downstairs and help decorate.
3. the principal was not happy that not all the kids got to buy tickets. We pointed out that we had been selling tickets for a week and that the fire marshal had placed the limit for that area of the school at 300 people and he was still mad that we didn't just pick up and move the dance to the gym - 20 minutes before the doors opened.
4. There are only about 15 people at my school that ever volunteer to chaperone anything, and some of them were busy last night, and the 9 that did volunteer didn't all show up, so there were only 6 chaperones for 285 kids. At a school with this amazing caliber of teachers, I get really tired of begging over and over for chaperones, and even more when they don't show up.
5. the photographer called at 2:30 to say that the background we had picked out was unavailable.
6. the dj did not receive the playlist that we sent, so of course the kids complained about it

1. it was the last dance of the year, so the kids all knew how to behave and there weren't any problems
2. the 6 chaperones that were there were great and did an awesome job
3. the place was packed so it was a great fundraiser!
4. the officers did all the decorations beforehand and sold water throughout the dance without any prodding from me.
5. it's over and it will be February before we have to throw another dance

Funny sidenote - there was an annoucement and a real push to get the kids to stop freaky dancing, so for the first hour of the dance they didn't know what to do with themselves.

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