Thursday, May 8, 2008


The last act in the Multicultural Show is called the Haka dancers. It is 15 very large Polynesian boys who perform a traditional Haka war dance in sarongs and baby oil...and not much else. When they come on stage, the girls literally come out of their seats and practically fling themselves on the stage. After the show, they try and get backstage, they stand around in giggling circles and take pictures and they are all atwitter for the rest of the day. One of my most rational and mature sophomore girls was so twitterpated (her word) that she went the wrong way to class - twice. Here is a youtube video of a Haka dance, if the multicultural show ones get posted, I will repost a link to our boys. Imagine 16 boys doing this with no shirts on, all in the range of 6' to 6'6", between 200-300 pounds apiece, and you will see what I see. Our boys pound their chests instead of their thighs, and yesterday they beat themselves so hard they all had to go to the nurse to get ice because their chests were bruised.

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