Tuesday, May 6, 2008


It's multicultural week at school this week, and the kids are doing some absolutely amazing stuff. There are a lot of Pacific Islanders at my school, and so among other things, there are a couple of hula dances, a Hawaiian war dance, and tinickling. Tinickling is done with a minimum of 3 people, but more often 4 people. Two people have 8-10 foot bamboo poles that are held about 1 foot apart. They kneel on the floor with the end of a pole in each hand and bang the sticks on the floor and together in a rhythm they make up. The other 2 (or one) people do a dance over and between the sticks. It is kind of like jumprope using poles - jump-pole, if you will. It is pretty cool, although it isn't my favorite act, but I love the name. Tinickling. My favorite act are the Polynesian dancers and the Laotian dancers, both very graceful. I will say that if I could move my hips like the Polynesian dancers, I wouldn't still be single.

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