Sunday, May 11, 2008

Food Fair Medley

Friday of Multicultural Week is a student food fair, when students from all different student groups prepare food and sell it at lunch. Lunch that day is an hour long, and the students spend all morning preparing (for health reasons, all food must be prepared at school). They sell it for between 50 cents and $2 per item. There was Ethiopian food (goat meat and some kind of flat bread-like stuff), Indian food (all vegetarian, but I don't know what it was), Mexican food (tamales and enchiladas), southern barbecue chicken, potstickers, fried rice, and a lot of stuff I had never heard of. It was AMAZING and unbelievably smooth, considering 11oo kids and 65 teachers were in a pretty small space. I am continually amazed by these kids and their boundless abilities. Whenever I get super annoyed and frustrated, they pull something like this, which reminds me of the reasons why I do like teaching high school and why I am so happy to be here. I cannot wait for next year's Multicultural Week!!! Oh and PS, I am taking tomorrow off, I'm exhausted. =)

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