Friday, February 29, 2008


I love Fridays. I love wearing jeans to school, I love the pleasure of looking forward to sleeping in, I love staying up late and watching stupid reruns. There is always the possibility of something exciting happening on a weekend. Nothing exciting ever happens on a weeknight, and let's face it, nothing ever happens to me ever, but there always seems to be more possibilities on weekends. It helps that on Friday, school starts an hour and a half later (for the kids anyway), and the classes are shorter, and it really helped that today was payday (skimpy as it is...). Good times. There are also funny stories on the news on Fridays. Today, a man drove through a barricade blocking a washed-out bridge and drove his van into the river. The reason? His dog was under the brake. Oh, and he had a coffee in one hand and his cell phone in the other. Idiot. As an update on a previous post, my student that had a breakdown this week is now in her proper 2nd period class, which she had been skipping for the last 4 weeks. She had been in a PE class 1st semester and was placed in a reading class 2nd semester instead (which she was upset about) and every time she went to her reading class (twice) it happened to be a day there was a sub, and she wasn't happy. So, she continued to go to her PE class (which her PE teacher allowed her to do...grr....) until this week when I figured out what she was doing. I ended up having to pull her out of PE on Thursday and physically walking her to her reading class, where she discovered that she actually liked the reading teacher, and when I checked on her today, she was exactly where she was supposed to be. Yea for small miracles! Anyway, have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy your weekend!

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