Tuesday, November 30, 2010


From time to time, for one reason or another, I get notes from the kids.

Sometimes, they're funny.
(It says "Time Flys By In Your Class....................................when I sleep")

Sometimes they make me want to rip off my own arm and beat someone to death with it. This particular gem came from one of the laziest, most negative children I have ever met, who has made no secret of her dislike for me and my class. She currently sits in the back with the other super negative child in that class, they sit next to each other because no one else in class can stand sitting next to them. 
The heart on the bottom is the best part, I think. Do they really think that putting a heart on it makes it somehow ok? 
(It says "to be honest, the way you teach things does not at all help me learn. So then I just give up. Not just notes, everything!" and then a big, sloppy heart)

Most of the time though, they are just awesome. This one was handed to me last week by a student as she walked by me in the hallway. She is an ELL student in my 4th period who was supposed to be in the ELL history class and asked to stay in my class instead of moving.
 (It says "Thank you so much Mizz Darkside. Hi Mizz Darkside. This is a thank you colerful card for you. Thanks for being a nice respectful teacher! From all my classes, this is the class where I feel that I learn the most. Thanks for helping me. Your the best teacher in all _____high school! Also Mizz Darkside. Thank you! b/c from all my classes thiss is actully the only class where i feel that i learn. Your the best thank you!)

 This one was my favorite and made me tear up a little...but I have no idea who it is from. It has to be one of the seniors in my advisory, but I do not recognize the handwriting and there is no name on it. I found it in my box this morning.
 (It says "Dear Ms D I will never forget you. Ms D you are like a mother to me. U seen me grow up from a little freshman to a senior. U known me for the longest and you really know me. U listen to my problems and helped me in any way. Words can't thank you enough. Thank you")

and......cue tears now.

 This one is from one of my loudest students from last year, a kid that seriously underestimated her talents and shot herself in the foot with her disorganization from time to time. I despaired over her at the beginning of the year, but she got her act together by the end of the year and is doing really well this year. It is one of the cool things about sophomores...I get to see them (well, most of them) finally grow up.
(It says "he Ms Darkside - guess who?! Yup....its me, your worse nightmare! lol. jk, jk. Well, I just wanteed to thank you for being a great teacher to me last year, even when I was a pain in your butt. You have taught me to work hard, time management, and surprisingly discipline. I apologize if I ever disrespected you last year. You truely are a wonderful teacher and for that, I would like to say THANK you! Keep it up. *PS - Thanks for caring")

These cards totally made my week. Well, maybe not the second one, but the others were cool. And in the interest of full disclosure, I think some teacher had their kids do these because I got 4 of them on the same day. I do get random notes from time to time, but generally not all in a clump like this. But it was still cool!


Melissa B. said...

Those heartfelt notes are a good reason to remain in the classroom. Even the ones with the hearts scribbled on the bottom might mean you're doing something right, correctamundo?

The Reflective Educator said...

Time flies in your class....when I sleep. Haha - hilarious One day that kid will apologize to somebody for being just a jackass.