Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Night and Day

Ok, I know the school year is only three days in, but I am already over the moon about these kids. Today, I walked into class when the bell rang and they were SITTING in their desks and had their work out all ready to go!!!!! NO ONE was jumping around like a monkey, punching anyone else in the arm/chest/head/groin, yelling obscenities across the room, or being disruptive. Then, I asked them to work in groups and analyze the themes of world history, and not only did the work with the people I asked them to work with, but they TALKED ABOUT THE ASSIGNMENT!!!!!! No one was talking about the party last weekend or how drunk their "friend" got.

I want to hug all the freshmen teachers.


stacie k said...

that's awesome. glad the year's looking good so far.

Ronnica said...

Awesome! Now if you can keep them on track!

Pam said...

Are you sure you weren't dreaming??