Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reasons 5986 and 5987 Why I Love Seattle

One of the places I don't get to NEARLY as often as I would like is the Fremont Sunday Market. There is an incredibly eclectic mix of everything under the sun, including some amazing jewelry and seasonal (generally organic) fruits and vegetables. If you want something a little more...unusual....just keep looking. We saw everything from vintage men's platform shoes to pants that (apparently) make you think you're naked. I'm not totally sold on the advertising for those, but I guess if that's what floats your boat, so be it. Fremont itself prides itself on their collection of free public art, and it is everywhere you look. This particular piece was part of an installation outside of a Quizno's restaurant.

Another place that I love is the Center for Wooden Boats, on the south end of Lake Union. Although you have to pay for parking, the center itself has no charge and consists of an absolutely beautiful collection of sailboats, rowboats, and a few tiny (5-6 seater) steamers. Also parked nearby are some much larger ships, including the Duwamish fireboat and the Virginia V steamship. If you pass a test, you can rent sailboats to take out on Lake Union and every Sunday afternoon, the center offers free rides around the lake. I call this "boat candy."Seriously, doesn't this place look awesome? Seriously underappreciated, in my opinion.....
School starts in a week and a half, and staff development starts this coming Thursday....Summer is almost over.


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I want to go to Seattle.

Melissa B. said...

Such Superior Snaps! As I said in my last comment, Seattle & environs are in my sights, for sure...Listen, I'm passing some bloggy bling your way this morning...I'd be ever so happy if you stopped by to have a look!