Monday, June 29, 2009


Friends have come and gone and I am gearing up for a few short weeks of summer.

We toured Safeco field (very cool and TOTALLY worth the $9 we spent - and I don't even LIKE baseball!) This picture was taken from the roof.
We went to Snoqualmie Falls to see J's aunt, I had never been there. It's pretty cool, although I do like Sahalie Falls and Silver Falls in Oregon better. I did manage to hike all the way down and all the way back up to the top - kind of proud of myself for that.
We went to the EMP - Experience Music Project - in Seattle, they have a Jim Henson exhibit going on right now that is pretty cool. Outside the EMP is an impromptu Michael Jackson exhibit. I myself did not listen to Michael Jackson at all while growing up, so have no real connection to him. I am pretty sure my students had been there though....since he will apparently be "remered."This is from inside the EMP Sky Church. This picture is apparently supposed to represent a dog....any guesses on what kind of dog? My guess is for some heretofore unknown hybrid of dog and duck - A doguck, perhaps?


Rikki said...

It looks like a guy wearing an Andy Capp hat to me.

Maybe it's some kind of Rorschach test and you could infer all kinds of things about readers depending on what they see.

Melissa B. said...

These are such Superior Snaps? May I please steal the 20 Dogs Allowed for Sx3? I would be forever grateful...

And about the MJ sorta fits that at least one of his fans can't spell, doesn't it?

Just say Julie said...

That was my favorite sign of the trip! And I was hugely proud of myself for hiking that trail.