Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sickies and Baseball

Last night three friends flew into Seattle to hang out for a few days and escape the 100+ temperatures in Texas (it's averaging 70 here for the last few days....). They decided to stay at my house last night and then stay in a hotel for the rest of the weekend, partly because one friend is wildly allergic to cats and I have two furry death bombs. She knew, I asked her if she was going to be ok, and she thought she would be ok for just one night.

Unfortunately, in the middle of last night, she started getting really sick. As in, we took her to the urgent care place this morning. Here she is looking kind of must have worked because they bumped her to the front of the line. I don't think the cats made her sick, although they probably didn't help, but I still feel really bad. Also, I know that it is miserable to be sick and not at your own house.
So....she spent today sleeping and trying to get rid of the bug or food poisoning or whatever it is that she has. I feel bad for her. =(
The other two and I went to the Mariners game today. It was a nice day, and the Mariners won for a change, so that was kind of nice. Parking was not so nice, but that's another issue. I am not a baseball fan, I think it is too slow, but we had pretty good seats and I learned some things. Like that Ichiro Suzuki is pretty stinkin' awesome. Seriously. We saw a lot of foul balls popped into the stands, and almost got hit by a couple of balls hit into our area. We also saw 2-3 home runs and some nice plays, which even I, a baseball idiot, can appreciate.
The house specialty at Safeco Field is garlic fries. These fries are probably a ratio of 50% potatoes and 50% garlic. They are pretty strong. I can only eat about three fries. After the game we poked around Pioneer Square for a while, went to my favorite toy store (Mighty Mouse Toys), and then home..

Hopefully C will feel better tomorrow.


Melissa B. said...

Hope your friend feels better. Are you sure it wasn't the garlic fries that made her ill? I guess not, since she didn't accompany you to the ball game. I really do think that the best part of going to see an MLB game is the food!

BTW, my youngest just launched a photo blog, and I'm shamelessly trolling for traffic. Please visit my site to see what she's got going, and pay her a visit!

Just say Julie said...

Those fires were so worth not being able to taste anything else for 10 hours. delish!