Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flickers of Hope

Last night the power went out around 7:30 or so, just as it was starting to get dark. Even though I am not supposed to do this, I did light some candles so I could read for the hour or so before the power came back on. Speaking of flickers of hope....there are only 40 more days of school left.
And....because I don't post pictures of the evil cats often enough, here is Emma's newest favorite place to sleep. No I am not happy about it.


Lisa E said...

We must live near each other; our power went out around 7:30pm as well! PSE said it was very localized. Did you ever hear what caused it?

Ronnica said...

I really like to read by candlelight, but it can give me a headache as my candles are all scented!

Rikki said...

you need a book light - I have one by my bed since our power goes out at least 6 times a year for as long as 3 days and I would go stark raving bat shit nuts if I couldn't read!