Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts on Kids and Cats

You should know by now that I teach high school. Sophomores, to be specific. And I live with two cats. I would say "own" but if you have cats, you know that's not possible. They own me. My cats do NOT get along and many times when I come home from school, I feel like I am STILL dealing with teenagers. Here are some ways that cats and teenagers are a lot alike:

they smell funny
they groom incessantly, especially the females
they have to have id around their neck
they eat constantly
they only barely tolerate the people they live with
they demand constant attention some of the time
they hide from objects of cleanliness, such as water, vacuums, and brooms
they nap all day
they run around all night
they fight with each other
they feel their own needs are more important than mine
they don't work very hard
they whine a lot
they spend a lot of time just chillin'
they are weirdly fuzzy
they bite
they aren't all that interested in listening to instructions
they mess up the furniture
they make no secret of their disdain for others

And yet I love my job and I love my cats. It's like it's meant to be. Happy weekend everyone!


Bethany Haile Photography said...

That was awesome!! We have started working with the youth group at church and I think I completely agree with every single one of those!! (Though your's are more like wild jungle cats and ours a bit like a de-clawed house cat!)

Ronnica said...

Oh, those are definitely some good comparisons!

Melissa B. said...

My Kitties & Classroom Cherubs do own me, but there's a slight difference. The Cats are much more into personal grooming...BTW, don't forget Sx3 today...we could use your singular sense of style!

Melissa B. said...

And PS: I thought of you when I posted this a.m. The ultimate Cat Lover's Story. Check It Out!