Friday, January 30, 2009

Things I Notice At School.

I have figured out one of the problems with my 6th period. There are 18 boys and only 7 girls in that class. 18 boys. 18 fifteen year old boys. EIGHTEEN. That's almost a 3-1 ratio. In fact, each of my classes (except 5th period) has around a 2-1 ratio of boys to girls.

The normal ratio of men to women in the US is like 54% women to 46% this is odd. Four of my five classes are weighted heavily with males. The kids are randomly assigned to my classroom, split between myself and Clark, so while I know he has one class that is heavily weighted with females (preAP world History), his other classes look like mine.

statistical anomaly or government coverup? YOU DECIDE. =)

While waiting by the school door the other day, I noticed that the extremely ugly railing by the door has quite a bit of graffiti on it, understandably, since it is a writable surface, but then I looked closer. Do you see it? Someone has put the key of the railing on each section. And they really do sound different. Very cool. I was going to sing a song, but then....I didn't.

AND quite possibly the BEST definition of "ironic" EVER. The last line was smudged out but someone wrote on the bathroom wall - making fun of people who write on the bathroom wall.
And wasn't me.
And finally, this is not school related, but I tend to keep my house kind of chilly (55, to be precise) and Emma's favorite place to be is directly in front of the heater while staring longingly into the vent. See below.
Happy Weekend everyone....


stacie said...


John Deere Mom said...

Hilarious! Well, not the 18 boys. A couple of years ago, I had 31 boys. 0 girls. We thought we would try it. Then I cried every day. Worst.year.ever.
And the cat? So cute!!

Melissa B. said...

My yearbook classes are the opposite of your 6th period. 2 boys out of 25 students. Yearbook's definitely a Female Thing! And my kitty sits in front of the vent like that, too...cats know where it's at! BTW, 2 things: Don't forget today's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. AND, please come over to my place to vote for the Hubz, Mr. Fairway. Thanks!

smithdl said...

Wow! The railings sing. I wonder what kind of music the rest of the building makes... ;)

Joel said...

Whoever put the key of each railing on there must be one of those undiscovered genius children. You could find her and take the credit!

Wish we still had our cats! Had to give them up when we left Taiwan.