Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dear Snow Day Decider-Person:

I know that you are probably engaged in some kind of chicken contest with the other districts to see who can stay open the longest. I know that you are determined to make us go to school THE ENTIRE WEEK. I do appreciate the fact that you are not wasting my one snow day. HOWEVER. When Every Single District in the surrounding area is CLOSED, and the top news story on every outlet is "STAY OFF THE ROAD," It MIGHT BE TIME TO CLOSE. We don't all live within walking distance of the school. In fact, most of us live FAR AWAY. Right now, with your decision to simply delay opening, that means that at 9:00 when half of the school shows up (because, let's face it, these kids will not be at school when their friends don't have to be there) there WON'T BE ANY TEACHERS.

A Very Annoyed Teacher


I drove to school, and at 8:00 (school started at 9:00) there were 79 unfilled positions district wide. Those of you not in the education, that means that in the district, 79 teachers had called in sick and did not have subs covering for them. It took some people more than an hour to get to school. At 8:35, the superintendent finally cancelled school. At that point, the freeway was almost totally shut down and snow was falling hard. One of the news stories was that people who were stuck on the freeway were turning around and GOING was pointed out that this was somewhat less than wise...actually approaching utter idiocy range...There were angry parents calling the school and angry parents calling the district, and angry teachers everywhere. Driving home went ok for me, to the south of Seattle the roads aren't too bad, although the temperature is only dropping and it is supposed to freeze hard tonight.

Worst part??? THIS STILL COUNTS AS OUR SNOW DAY. Even though we were up there. It makes me want to fling myself on the floor and whine A LOT.


Bethany Haile Photography said...

Call it intuition, or a 6th sense, but I think you are feeling a bit of rage. ;) That is so crazy that they are making you go if all the other districts are closed.
Are you coming home for Christmas? I am bringing your parents some cookies today...I hope!

Melissa B. said...

Between you and me, our Snow Day Decider Person is a Certifiable Idiot. BTW, I Shouted You Out today. Thanks for the kind comments you've left recently!

Colleen said...

Ri-dic-u-lous! The really crappy part is that there were probably kids at school because buses had been running for at least an hour, right? Those missing subs remind me of the BHS days. HA! Things could be could still be there. :)