Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Visitations

My dad is visiting my sister in Missouri and so my mom came up to Seattle for Thanksgiving this week. After a half day at school, we went to my FAVORITE TOY STORE in the ENTIRE WORLD. Mighty Mouse is FABULOUS. We spent an hour there and then poked around downtown for a while. We were going to search out some fabric stores, but as I got into the car, my pants totally ripped.


So we went home. Here are some pics from today though, it was beautiful...clear and cold.
I really liked how this guy embraced his fake leg. Check out those flames.....closeup below this picture
I found this sign interesting, considering that the site of Seattle's first school is now a parking garage where some guy who probably failed high school now works. Progress rocks.

I call this the drunken sidewalk and while this picture is better than others I have taken, it still does not do it justice. Walking along this blindfolded would be extremely hazardous to your health.

I love LOVE the architecture in Seattle, especially after living in Dallas....this lamppost is also in Pioneer Square.

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