Friday, November 7, 2008

Pineapple Express and a New Header

First things good friend Bethany from Bethany Haile Photography made me a new header for the blog...isn't it awesome? She did a great job!

On to the weather report....every now and then, we get a major rainstorm coming up from Hawaii. It's called the Pineapple Express and it usually dumps several inches of rain on Seattle over the course of a day or so. Yesterday was the day, and it rained all day long. Some of you are thinking, "uh, yeah, it's Seattle..." but it actually doesn't rain that much here (we have an undeserved rep!) and it doesn't usually rain very hard when it does rain. Last night was the second to last football game of the season (playoff game) and this was what it looked like:

that fog in the air? Yeah, that's not's rain. A lot of rain. The field was so wet that when a kid would get tackled, he would slide 8-10 yards. By the end of the game, the football was so wet that when it was kicked, it would land but not bounce. It just would THUD to the ground and stay there. It must have been painful to kick. I know it was slippery, as there were no fewer than 14 fumbles. The weather was so bad that even though this is was a playoff game, you can see that there are almost no people in the stands.
I spent the evening checking out my boots. Just kidding! They are my boots, but I did watch the game. =) I was bored though...seriously. 49-14. Not exciting. I entertained myself by playing with the camera, watching the rain, sketching in my head (I didn't bring paper - doh!) and randomly unlocking the press box door for those who were allowed. For which I get paid $10 an hour.
One more football game tonight, which shouldn't be as wet, and then no after school work until the beginning of December! Woo hoo!! Also.....I have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. I have a list of things to accomplish...we shall see.

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Colleen said...

So jealous of so many things in this post...rain storms, Friday night football, your super cute boots, getting paid to go to a game, so many things