Sunday, November 16, 2008


There are eight days of school between now and Thanksgiving here are my goals for that time:

1. to be patient with all of my kids
2. to grade the tests from last Thursday
3. to file and take care of classroom housekeeping
4. to think before speaking and take deep breaths before reacting
5. to not get frustrated or upset due to meetings

We'll see.....


Road 2 Teaching said...

Wow...Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. I have full faith you will meet your goals...

Maki said...

I soooo respect all teachers in the world and you are one of them!!!

Saying hello from SITS.

I hope you had a nice day and good luck with your school and students!!!

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Can I join your bandwagon? I need to do the same things with my own kids. Thats a good idea to set goals! I think I will do the same!

Finding Normal said...

I'm doing okay this week. I'm still in denial that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! This week is still normal, since we still have our spelling and reading tests (4th grade!) and are doing everything we always do. Next week will be tougher since we won't have spelling or reading. Well, we'll still read, but not in the basal.
Hang in there! Don't forget to make them make a top 10 list of what they're thankful for.