Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of my cats prefers to use the litterbox with the door closed, and since it is in the bathroom, I usually come home 1-2 times a week to find that she has locked herself in the bathroom. She puts her paws on the door and pushes it shut and since she's somewhat chunky, she is able to shut it completely. While she does like her privacy while using the litterbox, she does NOT like to be locked in there and generally shows her displeasure by tearing up something. Today, I came home several hours late to find this:

You will notice the artistic draping of the shredded toilet paper over the litterbox, and the large pile of shredded toilet paper on the floor. It is shredded through to the cardboard, and the roll was new this morning.

Anyone want a high maintenance cat?


Just say Julie said...

hahahaha! We had a dog that did that once. She also ate all the soap before we found her. She had managed to lock herself in. My cat is a bit OCD, so I don't know if the trade would work :)

Tutta la Storia said...

Hi, popped on over from the Magpie Files--I hear you on the high maintenance cat--I have had my own cat challenges over the years (sigh). I hope you buy your toilet paper in bulk from Costco!

stacie said...

maybe you could try sticking something between where the door meets the wall so she can't close it all the way...?

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Ugh...I am not really a cat person anymore. They are too irresponsible!
We have a foam door stopper to keep the doors from closing on kids fingers. They sell em at toys r us for sure...but I don't know where else. (Maybe $2?) You just put it over the top of the door and it can't shut tight.

Finding Normal said...

Trade ya for the dog that tried to poop in the living room tonight, even though I was RIGHT there and he never once whimpered to go out. Jerk.