Friday, September 26, 2008

Week Four Done

The end of this week went much better than the beginning.

Update on the crazy parent...she did call the district, and when I got to school the next morning I had several messages in my email and my voicemail from the district wondering what was happening. I called back and explained and the response was, "well, that sounds completely reasonable." Yes, I know. =) I was expecting her to be at open house, but she did not show up.

Which brings me to open house. In a school with 1100 kids, about 100 parents came TOTAL. And that includes the couples who came for one student. Of course, as per usual, the parents who came are the ones whose kids are doing great. The parents of the kids who I really need to contact....don't come. Which is probably why I need to talk to them more than other parents. =)

This weekend I have some friends coming up, and I have a LOT of stuff to do, so they will probably have to entertain themselves tomorrow.

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