Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Less Whiny Post

Today went much better. The kids liked what we were doing in class and I found out that the kid that is causing me a lot of problems in 6th period is getting an entire schedule reshuffle as he is having (causing) problems in a LOT of classes. Yea! Not sure when it's going to happen, so he will probably still be in there tomorrow, but there is an end in sight! was pointed out in 1st period today, there are only 32 weeks of school left. =)

After school, I had a random parent phone call from a parent of a kid who has like a 95% or 97% in my class. She wanted to know why her son did not have a book for my class. I said it was because there aren't enough books for the entire sophomore class, which is quite large, and also that the book is quite outdated and so the other history teacher and I (Clark) had decided to use a classroom set and also just use pieces out of other history books that we have random copies of. She was not happy about that...her quote was "How can a student possibly learn when they don't have a book at home to read?"

Nope, not kidding.

Then she wanted to know why her son did not have any homework. I said that we did a lot of things in class, and if they finished their work in class, they did not need to take anything home. I was THINKING (but did not say) that if I was to give them homework, they would not do it, so we do everything in class.

She also declared her intention to call the district and ask why there weren't enough books for all the kids. I wanted to tell her that even if there were enough books we wouldn't give them out anyway as they are terrible books. They mention Africa twice in the entire book - Egypt and Ghana - but there are several chapters on the US.

Anyway...hopefully the week finishes ok. Open House tomorrow...sigh...


Just say Julie said...

I had open house tonight, or as I like to call it, Dante's 7th circle of hell.

Colleen said...

Julie's went alright. Mine was good. Hopefully, your open house will be the best of them all. Call me when you are done.