Thursday, September 18, 2008

Multi-Faceted Posting

1. 6th period is a little better. I yelled at them today, as in actually yelled, which I don't do very often, totally reorganized the way my room is set up, and gave them a new seating chart. We'll see. I'm not expecting miracles, but maybe I can hold off the horde for a few days.

2. my money is in WaMu, which concerns me somewhat. It's not like I'd lose that much money =), it's more just the hassle of having to stop the automatic debits I have set up for several of my bills as well as cutting through the red tape of having my paycheck automatically deposited. I am trying not to worry as there is nothing I can do to stop WaMu from either crashing or not crashing.

3. Anyone interested in learning Mental Mapping? (Learn to draw the world easily and impress your friends...) I am considering doing a video tutorial...any takers?

4. My neck hurts a lot right now, I have reluctantly decided to consult a doctor. Grr.

5. I came home yesterday to find that the stairs to my apartment were blocked off and they had torn down the top 2 flights of stairs. I had to climb a ladder to my apartment.

Just kidding...there are some back stairs. =)

Apparently this would be the reason for the replacement....good thing the first flight is ok, since those are the ones I've been using.

Notice the missing links between floors here...

Now the hallway outside my apartment is all dark. That's my door to the left there...if you look closely, there is a green extension cord running across the door. It is plugged into the apartment next door for some reason.

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