Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Football Feelings

For a little extra cash, I work various games (football, basketball and track) doing several different things, like taking tickets, timekeeping, or doing photos at the finish line. I have learned a lot of things about a lot of different sports and I find that it helps with classroom management when the kids see me out of the classroom at a game cheering them on or whatever. One of my favorite things to do is work the sideline at a football game. My actual job is on the chain gang...the people who hold the ten yard chains and the down box on the side of the field. I have learned a LOT about football, refereeing, and I have the best seat in the house.
So Friday night was the first home game for my school and I worked the sidelines. One of the things you learn is that if the players start possibly looking like they might come your way, you drop those stakes and run the other direction. They are wearing pads, you are not. Run away. Or have surgery, one or the other. I've already done surgery, so I usually run away. Last Friday, a football player came thundering out towards the sidelines, so I dropped and ran, but misjudged his trajectory and he crashed into me. Fortunately he was nearly stopped by the time he rolled into me, but it was still a little painful. I did not fall, thankfully, since that would have been hugely embarrassing, but he did get my pant leg all sweaty. Gross. =)

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Gail said...

Hi! I teach 5th grade Ancient World History Jackson, MS, and came across your blog through your blogging buddy Julie in Texas. (Julie was a student at a junior high school in Louisiana where I used to teach and she actually took my place when I left.) Anyway, this is only my second year to teach history (I taught 7th/8th grade English for 24 years) and I am just hearing about "Mental Mapping." In fact, we talked about this in our history departmental meeting today. If you give a tutorial on this, I am definitely interested! Love your blog!