Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tacoma Time

S found a coupon in the Entertainment book for the Tacoma Museum of Glass, so we went down to Tacoma today. We went to the glass museum, then ate at a good pizza place called The Rock Pizza, and then went down to Point Defiance Park for the rest of the day. We went to the zoo and aquarium there, then drove around the point slowly. It was pretty, and was warm for a the morning. In the afternoon, it went back to being cool and sprinkling. Tomorrow we are heading out to Couer d'Alene, so no more posts until Sunday night at the earliest.

Among today's highlights was a woman telling her two small children that one of the otters was probably dead, since it wasn't moving (it wasn't). Zoos should have a no-kids policy one day a week.

the ceiling of the Chihuly Bridge of Glass...pretty...

Glass rock candy sculpture....very cool.

lemur glaring at me.

the reindeer is totally sucking rock!!

the polar bear was sleepy.

walruses (walrusi? walri?)

the elephant was also sleepy...that's his head on the left there.

nifty-looking anenome with long tentacles

tube fish...they swim backwards with their heads downward

There are a bunch of gardens in Point Defiance Park and we walked around for a while looking at the flowers. I really like this picture with the bee...kind of proud of myself.

driftwood at Owen Point

The walruses were funny...and HUGE. Bigger than the beluga whales, which we also saw, but had a very hard time getting pictures of. I haven't listened to the sound on this, but there are probably some screaming children...sorry. It's pretty cool with the sound off.

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Colleen said...

You have such fun, artsy stuff up in your neck of the woods. Love the bee pic! Sad you didn't get the favorite. Our zoo shipped ours to Mexico. Not kidding. Oh, and then did the mom tell her kids Santa wasn't real?! Hope you have/had fun this weekend.