Saturday, July 12, 2008

Purses and Plants

One of my friends had to drop off the key to her apartment so I can check on her cat next week, and she had to stop by at 7:45, so I was jolted out of my summer sleep schedule (1 am to 11 am roughly...only interrupted by the mandatory cat demands at 5:30, no matter WHAT day of the week it is...) a little early and was consequently somewhat befuddled for the first part of the day. She bought a purse though, so I forgave her. =) I was having a bit of a block and am running low on fabrics that are both large enough and the right weight and color to work together, so my first project of the day was to get everything out where I could see it. Believe it or not, this is only about half of the fabric I still have in my possession, although I have gotten rid of quite a bit of my stash so far this summer.

Sometimes it helps to fling everything on the floor and stir it around, but this didn't really help all that much for a while. I did eventually muddle around and cut out pieces of several purses that I either didn't have lining for or didn't have thread that even vaguely matched, and finally decided to go online and find free purse patterns. They are out there, but some people cannot write patterns that are easy to follow!! So.....I invented my own, using some handles that I got on sale over a year ago. I like the purse, but I think I need to handsew the top, it is hard to get the sewing machine to go neatly over the handle part. Of course, I have no blue thread, so that will have to wait until tomorrow...there is no way I am braving Southcenter on a Saturday. Uneven stitching and all, I still think it is kind of cute. Thoughts? The cell phone is to show size.

Also, I noticed today that my tomato plant on my balcony is several inches taller than I am. Pretty cool, I bought it when it was only about 10" tall. It has a buch of blossoms on it and a bunch of tomatoes I am kind of proud of....even if I don't actually really like tomatoes all that much. Ah well, sometimes the fun is in growing them, and considering my legendary thumb of death when it comes to plants, I am a little proud of myself. Whee!!!

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