Sunday, May 4, 2008


I attended my first prom last night. I went to junior-senior stuff in high school, but this was the first prom I had ever gone to. I wasn't sure what to expect, since I have been hearing about it from the advisors side for a month or so now. First of all, the senior class officers are 4 boys of dubious ability who spent 45 minutes yelling at each other in a meeting because they couldn't agree on a background for the pictures. Secondly, they wouldn't have even had a prom had it not been for an advisor who finally stepped in and made decisions for them. Third, the hotel they finally booked 2 months ago had double booked two proms that night and we would not have even known about it if the other school hadn't called to give us the heads up...the DAY BEFORE the prom. On top of all that, of course I had nothing to wear, and due to financial issues, there was no way I could just go buy something. So, I finally found something that would work, even though it was uncomfortable, and dug out some heels (also uncomfortable) and met all the other chaperones for dinner at a Thai place in downtown Seattle. I do not like driving in downtown Seattle - the roads are terrible, the drivers are idiots, parking is expensive, and none of the streets make any sense, so it is easy to get lost. Fortunately, I went with a friend, so I wasn't totally alone, but still. I did have Thai food for the first time....drunken noodles. It was good, but HOT. I would have it again though. That's the thing, I live in Seattle, I have to like Asian food or never eat out. And believe me, there is NO Mexican food here. I went through withdrawal after moving here. So after dinner, we headed over to the hotel and got the party started. It was definitely interesting to see the differences between our kids and the kids from Vashon Island (very rich school). I was in the bathroom before the prom started and heard about 6 of them come into the bathroom and here is the conversation I heard: "OMG that limo driver is such a d***!" "Totally, and the black one is so scary!" I wanted to leap out of the stall and show them what real scary is. I got to be in charge of the voting for king and queen, which was pretty cool and I saw all the girls dresses. Most of them looked really nice, although there were the obligatory few with dresses cut so low I could see their belly button rings. On the flip side, there were also quite a few girls that had borrowed dresses from friends or older sisters because of financial issues. In fact, I had to sew one dress on a girl because the zipper (down the side of her dress) was completely broken. She had tried to fix it with safety pins but it wasn't working, so I sewed her into her dress. There were a bunch of girls with dresses that were too big or too small (and not all of them were on purpose), but overall they were just cute. Until the dancing of course. It wasn't bad at first, and for a while there was a bunch of kids taking turns breakdancing...and they were really good, but then later came the freaky dancing and it is impossible to get them to stop. Anyway, I didn't get home until 1:30 and didn't get to bed until afte 2, so I am exhausted today. Hopefully this week goes fast. PS...only 33 days of school left!

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Scott & Sarah said...

Why to go Ms Neu!! You come back to Texas this summer and I will provide the Mexican food. :) Miss you TONS!