Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

I am so glad that there are sometimes good days to make me remember why I do this job. First of all, on my way out of my apartment complex this morning, my apartment complex people were handing out free breakfast, so I started my day with a warm chocolate muffin. Then, the debate that the kids did today actually worked, they actually totally got into it and it went GREAT, and I got paid! Then after school I got to watch dress rehearsal for the multicultural show, which was amazing, then I went to Chipotle's and they gave me a deal by accident and when I pointed it out, they gave me the deal anyway. Sweet. Good day!


stacie said...

9 burritos for the price of one?

Christy said...

what? no. a burrito bol for the price of a side of rice and beans