Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some days you're the windshield....

So my freshmen have been planning a dance pretty much the entire year, everything was ordered, and we were ready to go for this Friday...the day we get out for Spring Break. However, since we were having trouble getting chaperones and police officers, I finally asked the VP yesterday if we could just postpone it until June and we decided to do so. Here's the issue: There are 2 VPs at my school and an itinerant principal for the year. The vice principal that has been dealing with the dance issues has been out for a week and a half because his wife had their baby really premature on Easter and he's been spending a lot of time at the hospital. The other vice principal is the one who talked to me yesterday. So after I left his office yesterday, feeling as if a giant weight had lifted off my shoulders, I sent an email telling everyone that the dance had been cancelled. This morning when I got to school there was an email from the principal and the vice principal. The principal's email said "Who authorized this cancellation?" and the vice-principal's email basically said, we are having this dance, so start selling tickets. Are you kidding me? My officers had already been told to take down the signs and start spreading the word that there was no dance, they didn't have anyone to sell tickets anyway, and most of all, the aforementioned weight had already been lifted off my shoulders!! I was unbelievably pissed off and totally felt like I had been stabbed in the back. So I start freaking out, and go down to talk to the principal, but he's not at school yet, of course, and I had to get ready for class, so I went and talked to the ASB advisor (and cursed some), and we decided to go down during 1st period and talk to the principal, which meant, of course, that we had to get someone to cover our classes. When we got down there, he still wasn't at school, so we talked to the vice-principal, who said he had gotten his ass chewed because he had decided to cancel the dance without talking to the principal about it. He was totally on our side and we left, after making arrangements to talk to the principal during lunch. So lunch rolls around. Meanwhile, on email, we had gotten a message that the pep assembly scheduled for this week had been cancelled due to the high amount of discipline issues we had on Monday and Tuesday of this week. At lunch, we go down, the principal is in his office and we start talking. We laid out our reasons for not doing this dance: First of all, I had already cancelled the dj and the photographer, so unless the principal wanted to sing, there was going to be no music and therefore no dancing. Secondly, we need 14 chaperones to cover all the doors, and we had 8. Thirdly, we are starting to get a reputation with the dj company for the disgusting dancing that is going on (which is a reason that we cannot get enough chaperones) and it is pretty bad when the company that specializes in dancing and parties labels a particular school "the nastiest dancing" they've ever seen. We had a bunch of other reasons, but those were the main ones. So we talked about it for about 20 minutes, and it basically came down to the fact that he wanted to be the one making the decision. OK, fine, that was my bad, but still. Seriously? Whatever. At least there won't be a dance....and that right there is the BEST way to start Spring Break.

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