Monday, March 3, 2008

weekend results

Well, I was working on a quilt this weekend, and as a result, I have arrived at school this morning with a headache, a stiff neck, and two fingers with holes all over in them. (I'm not very good with needles apparently...) So what have I learned? 1. Do not work on sewing a quilt for 7 hours. 2. Learn to use a needle correctly. 3. Find a friend with a quilting machine. Geez. Anyway, here is the quilt - before this weekend. It now has a blue border and will have brown flannel on the back. It wll be very soft, and probably have bloodstains, the way I am going. Oh well. It is for a good friend and it is good practice, and the more I practice the better I will get at it.


Sandra said...

This looks beautiful! I love to quilt and often suggest to my patients that it's important to take up a craft or hobby...creativity will literally save you!

stacie said...

Very nice! And I think bloodstains add to any creative endeavor.