Thursday, February 14, 2008


So I have mostly sophomores this year, but I have a few freshmen mixed in, and I have one "class" (homeroom/advisory) of freshmen. Among the approximately 30 total freshmen I have, there are two thumbsuckers! As in, serious, thumb in mouth for the majority of class thumbsuckers!!!! Is that weird? I teach high school and I am telling kids to stop sucking their thumbs! (I would tell them to stop sucking, but, well...) It also is concerning that I only have 1/10 of the freshman class and there are 2 thumbsuckers in that 10%!

Regarding the extra class I was asked to teach, I talked to the principal today, and told him that it feels like they are asking me to teach completely unmotivated seniors who were too lazy to do the work they knew they had to do to graduate, they are asking me to teach a new class 5 weeks into the semester (1/4 of the way in), and they are asking me to teach a subject I am totally unfamiliar with. The answer I received was in essence "you don't have very many students (120) so you need to defend your position." I pointed out how many things outside of school I am involved in and I think that helped, and the issue was left at "they aren't at the point where I am the last option available." solution at this point. Ah well. Tomorrow's Friday!! =)

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