Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Per Our Conversation....

I've been thinking about this after a conversation with a friend this afternoon.

My Bucket List:
1. dye my hair with purple, pink, or blue streaks
2. get a tattoo (don't freak out, dad, I haven't done this)
3. spend 6 months traveling around Europe alone (cliche, but nonetheless true)
4. go to Vegas and people watch
5. go to New York and be a tourist
6. live in a really old building/industrial space
7. volunteer for a community organization
8. own and fix up an old house
9. visit Boston
10. get married (I think I live in the wrong city...)

Jobs I wouldn't mind doing
1. personal assistant (shopping for other people? Awesome!)
2. teacher coach (all the good parts of teaching, none of the grading)
3. personal chef (if only I could cook)
4. translator at the UN (if only I could speak another language)
5. teaching English overseas (if I wasn't such a weenie)
6. being a tour guide in Seattle (I could actually do this one)
7. being a tailor (I like sewing, so sue me)

Places I would like to live
1. on the beach almost anywhere
2. in a houseboat on Lake Union
3. on the shore of Lake Washington
4. on top of Queen Anne
5. in Ballard
6. in Wallingford
7. in Magnolia
8. in West Seattle

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