Saturday, July 2, 2011

What I Did on my Summer Vacation - Bainbridge Island

Sometimes, especially on glorious summer days, I am nearly overcome with a love for this place. I truly love living in Seattle. I can't, at this point in my life, imagine living permanently any other place. Yes, I love to visit other places, but from the first time I came to Seattle in junior high, I have known that I wanted to live here. I don't even feel this way about Oregon, where I grew up. I love this place. It has been a long winter, and I won't soon forget that, but in all honesty, the incandescent summers here make the grey and drizzly springs a distant memory.

Today mom and I went to Bainbridge Island. I have never been there and it seemed to be a place that would be pretty cool to wander around. It was, with a few caveats...all of them on my end. We left late, so waited in line for the ferry for a really long time. In addition, I thought you only had to pay one way for the ferry, but you have to pay both ways, which was unexpected and expensive. All together, we paid almost $40 to go there and back. The main drag through downtown is under construction, which was not attractive, but it still worked. Parking on the island is free and easy to find, which was nice, and the people were really nice. There is an obviously concerted effort among business owners to promote themselves as a group and to work hard together to attract customers. That being said, I would like to go back when it is not a Saturday, not the middle of summer, not a holiday weekend, and not with a car, but I would like to go back.

This is the ferry terminal in Seattle, with the Bainbridge ferry pulling in.
The wash from the ferry
Looking east towards Seattle
One of the businesses on Bainbridge Island...I liked the ivy
Mt. Rainier, which is south and east of Seattle

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Melissa B. said...

OMG...a trip I've always wanted to make! Don't you just LOVE summer break?