Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flora and Fauna

One of my favorite things about Hawaii was the massive amount of animals and plants we saw. There were birds EVERYWHERE (but, oddly, no seagulls), more tropical fish than I have seen anywhere, including in an aquarium, and everywhere you looked were animals that reminded me that I was on an island in the middle of the ocean. We saw a little squirrel-like thing that we couldn't identify and didn't get a picture of (and I can't find on google), that we named a Haweasel, since we couldn't figure out what it was. Also, the resort had at least two peacocks, although we only saw the smaller one once. This one ripped a piece of bread right out of my hand. I took it back. I can pin a 16 year old boy to his seat with a glare, I can handle a stinkin' peacock. However, I may or may not have thrown the last piece of bread far away and then locked the patio door..it was kind of a large bird.
This is a bird, sitting on a bird of paradise plant.
This is a crappy picture of a really cool bird with a red mohawk. He came and got food from our table when we ate outside at the resort, and stalked me at the pool a few times.
These are plumeria blossoms, which were everywhere, in a hundred different color combinations. They were so cool, and I love them.
The mountains on Oahu go straight up for 1000 feet or more. This is the north side of the Makaha Valley, where we stayed. The building at the bottom looked like a Soviet apartment building, but we think it was some kind of resort (not ours).
Of course, one of my favorite flowers, the hibiscus. I used to grow these in Texas, but I think it is too cold here. They are huge in Hawaii, some are 6 or more inches across.
I've seen palm trees before, of course, having lived in Texas, but these were so perfectly perfect. And they had these weird feathery things growing out of them below the fronds.
Blue flowers, seen in Haleiwa
Yellow tree...those are all blossoms, but I don't know what it is. So pretty against the blue sky though!! Also seen in Haleiwa, although I did see these here and there all over the island.
In Haleiwa, we stopped at a shrimp truck and saw these chicks running along after a hen in the parking lot. They were so cute!
Lotus blossom, seen at the luau
And of course, the amazing sunsets. This is one of about 30 sunset pictures I took over 5 days. This one was taken from the restaurant at the resort.


Pseudo said...

Mu husband told me the red mohawk birds are a type of cardinal. We have a pair that lives in a tree at our house and I put out bird feed for them. They are so cute.

Lisa E said...

My hibiscus are thriving, in case you're interested. :-)