Monday, June 27, 2011


I've been curiously unmotivated to write for several weeks...about school or anything else. It's sort of like my brain has gone a little blank. School ended, that was nice. It was like it was coming, coming, coming and then BAM...I was at home in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. I think that part of the problem was that my house was unbelievably filthy. I live alone, so I have no incentive to clean, but when my surroundings are too cluttered, my brain doesn't function clearly either.

I don't mean just a little cluttered, either.
I mean, seriously. Who does this?? See that pile in the front? That's EIGHT MONTHS worth of shredding to do. That brown stuff in the middle of the floor? A pattern I cut out then left strewn about for several weeks. It now has several holes in it because the cats apparently didn't feel a strong need to launch themselves into the air every time they crossed the living room. Here's my dining room/sewing corner...
That is a huge pile of fabric over there in the corner and the remnants of several projects in every corner of the room. I refuse to show you pictures of the kitchen and the bedroom, and I didn't even let one of my best friends into my house because of the bathroom alone. Shudder. But after three days of cleaning, 8 loads of laundry, 6 bags of trash and recycling, and one trip to the Goodwill donation center, it looks a little more livable.
 Aaahhhh...blissful cleanliness. Don't mind the weird pink and blue lumps in the middle of the floor, they are these stupid vaguely mouse-shaped things that the cats insist on dragging around. I feel like I can actually work again. Not on school stuff, of course, but still.
So here's to a summer of relaxing productivity. I am not planning on doing anything school-related at all for all of July. My mom is coming today to hang out for a week, then I leave for Hawaii, then after a week back in Seattle I'm heading off to Texas for another week. It's been a long year and I'm really looking forward to relaxing.


Pam said...

Looks much better. I am spending my summer trying to get my house in order too. I feel the school year goes so much better if my house is not such a mess!

Lisa E said...

The cat likes the new TV??? :-) Too cute!

Pseudo said...

Today is the half way point of public school summer here. May 27th to July 27th. I can already feel the pinch.

Miss Teacha said...

i can related. . my bedroom looked like your living room. stuff everywhere with a crate of school papers that had been knocked over, that the fan blew everywhere. something happens during the school year where our lives become absorbed with school and we forget everything else--esp if your single.

I've spent the summer doing the same thing. However, I had to clean out all of my drawers b/c they'd become place to "hide" the junk & paper in the living room & dining room when guests came over. Yesterday i had 4 bags of trash come out of the drawers and I've still got a lot more to go. It'll be nice to start the school year of with clean, clear spaces all around.

Shannyb said...

Hurrah for a clean house and a school-free life for the next month! No working. None. Hawaii will treat you right and remind you that sometimes a mai tai is WAY more important than teenagers.