Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Spring Break is Important

...because my students commented today that I looked happy. (they also asked if I was going on a date after school, but that's a different issue)

...because I seriously could not have made it one more day without losing it with one of my students

...because my facebook post the Monday before Spring Break said "if no students die of random bear maulings this week it won't be from a lack of wishing on my part.' That seems like a dangerous sign.

...because I work at a job that has a high stress level and I don't want to burn out

...because there are still 42 days until Spring Break and I really want to make it through to the end

...because it was finally sunny in Seattle, and all the sunny days were during Spring Break. I can't imagine having to spend spend those days indoors.

...because my national boards test, prom, and graduation are rapidly approaching

...because the last day of school isn't until June 22, and there is only one day of break between now and then

...because, despite what the media says, I deserve it.


Lisa E said...

Don't get me started on the frickin' frackin' media...

Friday was fun! And it was allergies, just in case you were worried. ;-)

The Reflective Educator said...

Did you mean 42 days until summer?

Christy said...

J - yes.

Melissa B. said...

6 weeks to go. Minus 2 weeks for AP testing (we're not allowed to assign much during this window). Minus 6 days for statewide standardized tests. Minus 1 week for finals. So, we technically have 2 weeks left? Well, a gal can dream, correctamundo?