Thursday, January 27, 2011


As part of my national boards certification, I asked the kids to fill out surveys with information that isn't easy for me to find...things like how many of them were born in the US, how many of them speak more than one language, etc. I started tabulating them today and thought the results were pretty interesting. 85 kids returned surveys over the last 3 days, so the results are not exactly scientific, but nonetheless, here they are:

76 % were born in the US
25 % were born elsewhere
60 % have parents who were born elsewhere
63.5 % speak more than one language
6 % speak at least three languages
36 % have moved at least 5 times in their life
33 % have moved school districts at least 3 times
33 % have been in the same school district for their entire schooling
39 % live in single parent homes
29 % live in multi-generational or extended family homes
Also interesting to me, is the fact that almost all of the kids understand that education is important...and they said that without being prompted or asked. A few said they thought school was boring, but for the most part they claim to like school.
Anyway, just thought they were interesting stats.....


Kimberly said...

I'm wondering who was born both in the US & elsewhere...

that is a neat stat list. I find the one with the kids who been in the same school is 1/3 and those that have changed 3+ times is 1/3, so those who have only changed 1 or 2 times mist be a 1/3.

I actually have you only blog list of favorites and come and read,I just rarely comment. I should probably change that.

Christy said...

Kimberly, thanks for reading. Because only 85 students responded to the survey, there is a slight margin of error based on mathematical principles of rounding up or down.