Wednesday, September 29, 2010


* third period is going better...I moved some kids around and it's improving a little.

* Daisy ended up in the principal's office the other day and apparently is mad at every single one of her teachers....from this year AND last year. Life will be tough for that kid.

* 2nd period got a stern lecture yesterday when I realized that their class average was 52% when all my other classes are around 72%. Why? Missing homework.

* I am exhausted. I am planning on taking Monday off.

* We are still having major technology issues, the kids still can't check their grades and some teachers still can't use the new gradebook system we got this year.

* The old technology we had worked just fine.

* I'm just sayin'

* I have strong suspicions of this new movie Waiting for Superman but since I am a responsible adult, will watch it before publicly stating my opinions.


Stephanie said...

Its amazing how seat changes can really make a big difference. Aside from hearing the kids complain about it every day, that is...

Melissa B. said...

I want to see Waiting for Superman, but I have to tell you...not a big fan of DC's Michelle Rhee. Hope things get better for you this school year!

John Deere Mom said...

We have a new system at our school too. It sucks. The end. Why do they have to go fixing something that isn't broken?!